Tuesday, April 27, 2010

RuPaul's Drag U

I think I died and went to heaven. I was so sad that the last episode of Drag Race was last night. That means like 8 months until the next season, if we're lucky. No more drag queens means a very sad Josh. But something happened, something AMAZING.


I don't know what the hell it is, but I'm all for it. The fact also that it's all the queens we've grown to love. Ongina, Pandora, JuJuBee and NINA!!! I seriously might be more excited for this than the next season of Drag Race. Now the dog days of summer look a little more gay, and I'm all for it.

Promo vid from LOGO below.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

There's Madonna in my Glee!

Now some people may say, why make a whole episode of Glee about Madonna?? And to those people I would like to say: Get out of your pickups with your Rebel Flags on the back and open your years! Oh and stop beating up gays that is sooo 90s. I'm going to make this post as simple as possible. What I liked and what I didn't like. Yes, I did not find the episode to be perfect, but it was really good. Better than last weeks for sure.

What I Disliked: Let's get the the bad stuff out of the way so we can end on a high note. Number one yet again is Finn. I don't like Finn no matter how hard I try. He is boring...oh so boring. Also I don't like his voice, it's whinny. Sorry to the Finn fanatics out there, but he is my least favorite character. And in this episode he butchered my favorite Madge song "Open Your Heart". I don't think I can forgive him after that. Please replace him with Johnathan Groff, I'm begging you Glee gods.

The only other thing I disliked was the whole Sue Sylvester LOVES Madonna storyline, it seemed really forced. It wasn't believable, because there was no strong reasoning. In the episode where we find out Sue's sister has downs syndrome and thats why she was hard on the girl trying out; THAT was believable. If there was a quick back story as to why Sue LOVED Madonna it might have worked better.

What I Liked!: The music obviously. They really made Madonna's music fit. And the whole environment in school where everyone was dressed like her was cute and worked.

I LOVED that Kurt and Mercedes got the spotlight this time!! There are my favorites so it made me smile. The line Kurt said to Sue "We make culture" was just true! They made the right song choice for them and it really was the best performance in the whole episode.

I liked the "Like a Virgin" part, cause with Madonna you need some sex.

I loved that we got to see more of Tina, cause we should see ALOT more of her. She's got comedic timing, give her some damn lines!

And as always Miss Sue Sylvester rocked everyones comedic panties off. Jane Lynch cannot get enough praise from me. I've loved her for years, and it seems like that once in a lifetime phenomenon where the perfect part is given to the perfect actress happened. Her timing is impeccable, and she has now been placed beside my all time favorite comedic actress, Bea Arthur. Jane Lynch should be getting a truck load of Emmys for this part.

I have to say the lack of Quinn has been a good thing, cause it was Quinn pregnant overload before. I would like to see her character blossom more this season and for her to become a person rather than a preggo teen caricature.

So all in all it was a great episode. And they truly did justice to Madonna's lifetime of work.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Neil Patrick Harris, GAY HERO!

I love NPH. LOVE HIM. Not just because he's cute, funny, and intelligent but also because he's out and proud. Not many people like that in the world *cough*Anderson Cooper*cough*. Below is a clip from The View that speaks for itself.

Also because I love you all, here is the interview with another hilarious, out celeb Leslie Jordan. Better known as Beverly Leslie from Will and Grace.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Open your Heart to Glee

Reminder! The Madonna Episode of Glee is tonight!! Will definitely be making a post after it!

Oh David....

So anyone remember David Archuleta? Had one hit song after Idol. Anyone? Thought so.

I really don't care much about this young Idol castoff myself. But there is one thing that I always wondered. Is he gay? Cause have you seen him...he's probably gay. I won't say positively, but let's just say him and Ricky Martin careers seem to have some thing in common.

But the reason I bring him up is because he was seen in a gay club last night. *GASP! Shock!* Well he tweeted that it "wasn't his kind of place" and he should of asked where he was going before hand.

This of course pissed of the gays. Which I know is kind of ridiculous, but when your beat down by your own government everyday, you tend to get on edge.

Then the tweeted (I love the fact that all this was tweeted! New ways for celebs to get into trouble.) that he didn't mean that because it was a gay club, but because he does not like the "party scene".

Now you can take this two ways, one is that he's a homophob and was trying to cover his tracks. Which I'm almost 100% sure is not the case.


He was in a gay club, spotted in said gay club, freaked out cause he is in the closet, and tweeted without thinking.

Hey gays, remember when you were in high school, and in the closet, and you thought someone might get too close to finding out so you OVERCOMPENSATED. You either said you hated gay people or man whored it up with some over eager girl.

And no Mr. Archuleta I did not point any of that in your direction at all. Even though I've seen you on tape and know just like the rest of America what you are...Allegedly.

Here is a sight with all the details if ya'all wish to pursue: http://greginhollywood.com/david-archuleta-sets-the-record-straight-26066

Multi tasking. Sort Of.

I've created a new site for all my Geeky posts, named I Prefer Geek. So if you like those post head over there.

This one will be just for my random musings. When I actually update. I'll try to do more often, I promise.

New Site: http://iprefergeek.blogspot.com/

Monday, February 22, 2010

Florence kicks some ass with her machine

I've stumbled upon this new artist, named Florence. Hailing from the island of Britain, she has done something that I really wasn't expecting. She has created something different. Not Lady Gaga different, where you put a new sheen on something that we've heard before. My dear Florence has actually taken many different genres and fused them to best suite her voice. Which in my humble opinion is what being a true artist of music does. Much like Amy Winehouse, really though we all know that was alot of Mark Ronson's doing. But Florence writes her own music, and also collaborates with many other musicians that she says knows her and her process (hence the machine). Listen below, I like and hope you do too. This is my favorite song off the album.